Get your head out of the clouds. Get your actions laser-focused. And get results.


Are you living the life you want?

Are you making the money you desire?

Are you everything you want to be as a person?

If you answered “no” to any of these, I have one more important question for you:

Can you honestly say, you believe in yourself AND you know the work you are doing is what you need to be doing to have the life and business you want?

More importantly, do you know what you need to be doing?


Let me get right to it.


I specialize in helping women, just like you, bust through the habits and beliefs holding you back from really and truly going for your dreams.

Essentially, I get you out of your own way and into inspired action, so you:

  • Know what really matters to you
  • Are crystal clear on what you really desire
  • Kiss limiting beliefs goodbye
  • Take intentional actions to achieve more and faster
  • And Love Your Life and Live Your Dreams (now!)


You can have it all.

You can have a business you’re passionate about and a life that excites you.


But you’ve got to do the work (both the inner and the outer).


You can keep hoping that your life magically transforms.

You can wish for more money to miraculously appear in your accounts.

You can fantasize about the perfect partner and the perfect relationship.

You can talk about the vacations you want to take, the schools you want to build, the non-profits you want to support, ’til the cows come home.

You can hope and wish and dream and fantasize all day long, but until you are in alignment with YOUR true desires and taking inspired action nothing is going to change.

It’s my deepest wish for you to Love Your Life and Live Your Dreams, and you CAN by stepping up and doing the work. No one else can do it for you but…

I can help!


I know what it’s like…

… to feel stuck because of unfortunate events.

… to feel like you just aren’t good enough.

… to have a dream so big it scares you.

… to keep thinking “if I could just get that one missing piece, I’d be good”.

… to deal with rejection (I heard ‘NO’ 68 times in less than 6 weeks, in my business.)

… to have a money story that’s keeping you in financial terror (I’ve had eviction notices and stared down the barrel of bankruptcy).

… to have doubts and fears and insecurities that debilitate you and leave you curled up under the covers wishing you could wake up from the nightmare.

… and then to wipe your tears, pick yourself up and get back to work because a tiny part of you believes you CAN do this…


I’d like to tell you…You can make your dreams come true!

And when you finally get there, it’ll be absolutely amazing.


But, a part of you still wonders….


When is it going to be MY turn?

When will my dreams come true?

Am I just not cut out for this “entrepreneur thing”?

Should I just throw in the towel?

Why are they having all the success and all the fun?

What’s wrong with me?

What am I missing?


What’s the missing link?


You need alignment between your body, mind, and spirit. To know with certainty exactly who you are, who you want to be and how to actually get there.

You need to be able to see, touch, hear and FEEL the big vision of your life and reverse engineer it into daily action steps.

And then you need to get into inspired action. Doing the work and doing it NOW, not waiting for the perfect moment.

When you get into alignment and into inspired action and follow through because you’re finally out of your own way…the miracles appear.

Your dreams start to come true,

Money starts to roll in,

Your relationships improve, and

Your whole life transforms.


There’s just one question left…


Are you ready for the transformation?


I want to offer you something very special, something very personal, something that has transformed my life and business from the INSIDE out.


Without further ado, let me introduce you to the…

The Dream Alignment Bootcamp


In The Dream Alignment Bootcamp we’re going to

Get your head in the game…YOUR game, so you’ll no longer suffer from comparisonitis

Get clear on WHO you are at your core

Create a vision so clear and moving you can’t help but shout it out from the rooftops

And get you into inspired action

So, your life in 14 days is totally different from your life today.


This is for the passionate and tenacious woman who knows she was born for greatness and is determined to leave a legacy that knows no bounds.


What’s Included?

Three Audio Trainings:

  • I’ll take you through my personal process to get you so in tune with your vision that you’re bursting with excitement. Plus an accompanying beautifully designed PDF workbook to help you dig deep into your soul’s desires.
  • We’ll get strategic and turn those gorgeous dreams into reality through goals backed with consistent action.
  • I’ll help you get (and keep!) your head in the game — YOUR game. Because comparison-itis isn’t doing you (or your dreams) any good.


A Guided Visualization for when the sh*t hits the fan.

  • Because it’s inevitable that you’ll hit roadblocks along the way. But with this exercise, you won’t find yourself spinning out of control when it happens.


How it Works

Your training audios and workbooks will be delivered straight to your inbox over a 2-week period.


Plus, you’ll receive TWO incredible bonuses!


A bonus audio training to knock out any ‘self-sabotaging’ habits that creep in on your way to greatness

A guided visualization to use to make those less than pleasurable activities positively joyful


Now, you have a decision to make, you can keep doing what you’re doing and hope that something magically changes.


You can say YES to Yourself, Your Dreams and Your Life. And let me help.

Let me help you get your head back in the game.

Let me help you find clarity on who you truly are and what you really desire.

Let me help you get into massive inspired action that will transform your life forever.


You CAN do this. You CAN live YOUR dream life and you can start NOW.


So what’s the investment?

My private coaching rates start at $7500 for a one-day intensive. But right now, my heart is calling for me to do something out of the ordinary. And I want to because I am sick and tired of seeing so many amazing women not even just NOT living your dreams, but struggling to merely survive.

I’ve been that woman.

The woman who is suffering because her dreams feel utterly impossible.

The woman who is silently suffering while hoping and praying that someone somewhere has a solution.

It’s taken me years of studying and experimenting with theories and tools. Now, after working with hundreds of women around the world. I know with every fiber of my being that this program has the power to not just tweak your life but to transform it.

The investment for The Dream Alignment Bootcamp is $177.

Could I charge more $297 or $447 or $597? Yes, I could.

But, I don’t want to.

I want this life-changing information to get into the hands, hearts, and minds of as many women as possible.

I want this to change YOUR life this week!


Are you ready?

Ready for your world to change? Ready for a mind shift? Ready for massive results?


Of course, you are…Let’s get started!