Email lists, opt-in offers, tripwires, upsells, Facebook ads, building a website, videos, live streams, funnels…and on and on it goes

Hanging out in the online world you’ll find there’s a never-ending list of things to do to enrol a client.

BUT…here’s the thing as coaches, as service providers facilitating deep transformation for our clients we can simplify A LOT.


Especially at the beginning.


As a new coach you don’t need Ontraport, Clickfunnels, Deadline Funnels, membership site plugins, or ads. I’ve seen too many coaches burn out and go broke trying to implement complicated marketing funnels at the start of their business journey.

In order to get to consistent five-figure months as a coach you need 4 things:

1. An Irresistible Offer
2. Marketing that Connects
3. Sales Skills
4. BELIEF (this is the most important)


Everything else is just add on.

Focus on the foundation first and then if it makes sense for your business vision and if it feels good add on the extras. But let’s first get you to those consistent 5-figure months…


Here’s what’s included


Video 1: Your Success Mindset
:: The mindset shifts you MUST make to create consistent five-figure months in your business
:: A process to align your mindset with your goals


Video 2: Your Ideal Client 
:: Why you’ve been struggling with identifying your ideal client
:: How to finally have confidence in knowing who you serve


Video 3: Your Irresistible Offers
:: How to create irresistible coaching packages that your clients love!
:: How many packages to offer your potential clients
:: What to include in your packages and how to price them


Video 4: Marketing Simplified
:: Simple marketing strategies to attract and enrol new clients in your amazing new program
:: How to leverage both inbound and outbound marketing for stellar results


Video 5: Successful Sales Calls 
:: The problem with scripts and why “proven” scripts aren’t working for you
:: How to structure discovery calls so they convert


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These videos were recorded as part of a livestream event for my community, this is the only place they are now available.



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