It’s not supposed to be comfortable.

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It’s not supposed to be comfortable.

Think about that thing that you really, really, really want. The deepest desires of your heart.

Got it?

Can you see it in your mind?

Can you feel the joy, the excitement of having it?

Now, consider why you don’t already have it.

It’s not because you aren’t worthy.

It’s not because you aren’t good enough.

It’s not because you don’t know enough.

It’s not because it’s going to take time to get it.

It’s not because you have to “fix” some part of yourself before you can have it.

It’s because there is a part of you—larger than the part that desires it—that is in resistance to having it.

If you weren’t in resistance to receiving that thing that you so deeply, truly want then you’d have it.


In order to get beyond the resistance, you’ve got to be willing to get uncomfortable.

And this is where I see so many people making a mistake with their mindset work.

They’re failing to get honest with themselves.

They’re wimping out and staying on the surface of their consciousness instead of boldly going into the depths of their subconscious.

They’re affirming their desires as done while a litany of excuses and “ya, buts” play on repeat causing every action to come from a place of fear.

They’re “doing” the inner work and then… going merrily (or perhaps miserably is more apt) on as before, failing to change who they’re being and how they’re thinking.

If you want what you don’t yet have then you’re going to do things you haven’t yet done and you have to be who you haven’t yet been.

You’ve got to look at the excuses.

You’ve got to be brutally, radically honest with yourself.

You’ve got to get uncomfortable.

You’ve got to be fully fucking committed to doing what it takes, whatever it takes until it takes.

I don’t like Star Wars, but I love Yoda’s line “Do or do not. There is no try.”

Stop trying to reach your goals.

Stop trying to journal.

Stop trying to change your beliefs without getting honest with yourself about what they are (they’re running the show now anyway you may as well figure out what they are).

Stop trying to build a business.

Stop trying and start DOing what’s required.

Stop trying and start BEing who you must be to live the life you want.

Get committed.

Achieving goals and dreams requires growth. We’re always either growing or decaying, it’s a choice.

And ya, growth isn’t comfortable, it’s not meant to be. It can’t be. 

But, you can find enjoyment in the discomfort.

You can fall in love with the process of getting uncomfortable. You can fall in love with the process of becoming who your dreams require you to be.

Remember, you absolutely can Love Your Life and Live Your Dreams. It all begins within.
xoxo natalie

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I'm Natalie, and I'm pleased to welcome you to my little corner of the internet. I'm a mindset coach and business strategist for women who know they were born for more and are ready to claim it.

Outside of business, I'm a kitty mama, meditation-lovin' vegan, with a daily workout obsession (1,811 days and counting!), who loves the wrtiten word.

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