Journaling for Joy, Success, and Abundance

for the woman who knows she’s meant to
Love Her Life & Live Her Dreams and is ready to fucking do it!

You living the life of your dreams begins within.

It doesn’t matter what your family was like.
It doesn’t matter where you grew up.
It doesn’t matter how well you did in school.
It doesn’t matter what the economy is doing.
It doesn’t matter what you’ve done up until now.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve failed in the past.
It doesn’t matter what your current reality looks like.

None of that matters.

Your ability to manifest your desires, to love your life, to live your dreams is not dependent on the past.

Your current circumstances do not determine your future reality.

If you have a desire it is meant for you and it is available to you.

You wouldn’t even have the desire if it wasn’t possible.

Desire literally means de sire, “of the father”. Now whether or not you believe in God, Spirit, the Universe, or not your desires were given to you by something beyond yourself. They are as unique to you as your nose. Just like your nose was made for your face, your desires were made for you to manifest.

The desires you have ARE possible.

Your desires are possible for you.

There’s just a whole lot of bullshit blocking you from receiving them.

Think for a moment…

There are people right now earning the exact amount of money you desire to earn.

There are people doing the kind of work you want to be doing.

There are people with the level of health and fitness you wish you had.

There are people in the type of relationship you fantasize about having.


Everything you desire is possible and that means it is possible for YOU.

Do you really think that the Universe is sitting there going “Sorry, I’m all tapped out. Try again next year maybe I’ll have the energy to help you out then.”?

Of course not!

The Universe is infinite.

The Universal supply is infinite.

You are an infinite being.

You can be, do, and have everything you desire to be, do, and have.

You can have the success you desire.

In fact, you’re meant to.

It’s your motherfucking birthright.


YOU were born to be a success.


Read the above line one more time. It’s 100% true.

It’s time you start believing it, which is why I’m so frickin’ excited to introduce…

Journaling for Joy, Success, and Abundance

for the woman who knows she’s meant to
Love Her Life & Live Her Dreams and is ready to fucking do it!
This is You + Me for 30 days of powerful life-transforming work.

One of the things that I became very serious about doing consistently several years ago when I was dealing with clinical depression, PTSD, OCD, and major anxiety was writing down the thought shit storm that was flying around my head.

Writing down what was going on helped me get out of depression, heal my PTSD, curb my OCD, and virtually eliminate my anxiety.

Continuing to write down my thoughts has helped transform my relationship with money, sell more programs at rates higher than I thought possible when I started my business, call in amazing friends, clients, and support, and dramatically increase my self-love.

When we write down the stuff in our heads when we see our thoughts on paper we put ourselves back in the power position because we bring awareness to them.

“I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say.”
—Flannery O’Connor
I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it…

There is tremendous fucking power in journaling.


If you aren’t doing it then I encourage (or challenge if that’ll get your butt in gear) you to start doing it.


Start writing down your thoughts.

Start investigating the things you believe.

Start exploring your inner workings.


When you bring awareness to your inner world you open up to an incredible source of power.

A source of power that will help you quite literally write your own reality.

This program is your starting point.

We’ll be looking at…

    • What success really means to you
    • How do you see yourself beyond the standard labels
    • Why your current self-image is keeping you from manifesting your desires
    • The ways your mind is keeping you safe while simultaneously sabotaging your efforts
    • Who do you most deeply desire to be? What would life be like if you were her NOW?
    • How to give yourself permission to be who you want to be and live the life you want to live
    • The bullshit stories that are keeping you from the life you dream about and then you’ll rewrite them so you stop living them
    • How to OWN your worth so you stop discounting yourself, your services, and your dreams
    • Releasing all the shoulds and shouldn’ts and owning what you truly desire to have, do, and experience. And then give yourself permission to fucking do it all
    • What brings YOU joy (because it’s not the same for everyone)
    • Shifting your level of toleration so you stop putting up with the shit that drives you nuts
    • Self-LOVE baby, the juice that powers it all
    • What to do when you identify the fears behind your bullshit so they stop stopping you
    • Money, money, money. Your beliefs about it determine how much of it you get so we’re going deep here.
    • What living a rich life means to you
    • How to step into the abundance that you ALREADY have so you can receive MORE
This program is powerful.

It’s not life-changing, it’s life-TRANSFORMING.

If you do the work, Journaling for Joy, Success, and Abundance has the potential to completely shift your inner world, to create a totally new way of BEing that brings you into alignment with the desires of your heart.


Are you ready to journal your way to more joy, success, and abundance?


What’s included:

Bonus #1: Successful Mind Pre-Work

I’m not a fan of waiting, so right away you’ll gain access to an audio training on how to make the most of this program (because you want EPIC results, right?), along with some journaling exercises to set you up for a phenomenal program experience.


30 Daily Audio Trainings

Daily, beginning Monday, July 2nd for thirty days you’ll receive an audio training from yours truly covering one specific aspect of creating your dream life from within.


30 Daily Journaling Exercises

Every day you’ll receive a journaling prompt or question or series to help you delve deeper into the daily topic in relation to your own inner world. These exercises have been specifically chosen from my past six years coaching and many, many more years using journaling in my own life. You’re going to love digging into them.


Bonus #2: 3-Part Money Mindset Mini-Course

During this three-part audio program, you’ll take a deep dive into your relationship with money. You’ll uncover your money story and then rewrite it into an empowering money story.


Bonus #3: 4 Guided Meditations

Each week you’ll receive a new guided meditation to support you in transforming your inner world during the program and beyond. Each meditation will help keep you inspired, connected, and aligned with the success you desire.