Loving your life and living your dreams is not a destination. It’s a journey.

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You living your dream life and loving your life is not a destination.

It’s not someplace that you’re one day going to magically arrive at and be done. Oh no, it’s not.

It’s a journey.

The work of being who you’re meant to be is never done.

You are a continuously evolving being.

You will always have new desires.

You will always have areas of your life where you wish you showed up differently than you do.

You are constantly and continually evolving into the next level of you.

The challenge, the battle really, that so many of us create for ourselves is that we delude ourselves into thinking that we will someday get “there.”

And once we get to the mythical land of There—the work will be done.

I’ve thought it.

You’ve thought it.

We’ve all thought it at some point.

Heck, you might still occasionally find yourself thinking that way.

And that’s fine.

It’s fine to have those moments where you think you’ll get there and the work will be done.

What’s not fine is living as though that’s true—

because it’s not.

Living your dream life and loving your life is not a destination—it’s a motherfucking journey.

A journey.

It’s a journey you’re on until you take your final breath.

When you’re on a journey, a surefire way to make yourself miserable and block yourself from loving life is to whine and moan and throw a tantrum about not being “there” yet.

There is no final destination while you’re alive.

There are…

Desires to manifest.

Experiences to have.

Ways to be.


There’s no final destination that you’ll one day reach with a sigh of relief that you’ve finally “made it.”
Because the moment you’ve “made it,” there’s going to be something else you desire.


Stop focusing on the destination.

Stop waiting until you arrive to be happy.

Stop pushing off your dreams until later.

You’ve got this one life, this one epic journey. You’ll have a myriad of incredible experiences, but only if you stay present to the moment.

Only if you embrace the continual nature of existence.

Keep doing the work.

Keep learning and growing.

Keep tuning in to the desires of your heart.

And keep evolving into who your desires require you to be.

Remember, you absolutely can Love Your Life and Live Your Dreams. It all begins within.
xoxo natalie

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I'm Natalie, and I'm pleased to welcome you to my little corner of the internet. I'm a mindset coach and business strategist for women who know they were born for more and are ready to claim it.

Outside of business, I'm a kitty mama, meditation-lovin' vegan, with a daily workout obsession (1,811 days and counting!), who loves the wrtiten word.

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