workshop for coaches, service providers &
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a step by step process for planning your most successful quarter

The Abundance Planning System walks you through the process of releasing the past (because let’s be real that baggage is heavy), visioning a beautiful future that’s true to you, and creating an actionable plan with built-in flexibility for when life happens… in just 5 days.

During this workshop you will…

  • Connect with your vision, define success for yourself, and tap into who you’re dreams require you to be.
  • Plan your most successful quarter using the 5-phase Abundant Planning System.
  • Get clear on what matters and what doesn’t, plus free up time by focusing your energy on what matters.
  • Know that every step you take, every project you complete, and every goal you achieve over the next 90 days is bringing you closer to your vision and closer to living your dream life.
You know what you want.
Now, it’s time to create a plan to get it

What’s included?


These 5 videos will guide through the five phases of The Abundance Planning System.


Get implementing faster with these workbooks. Copy the Google docs straight to your account or download in your preferred format. 

Plus, you’ll receive these bonuses…


Use this meditation to release the emotional ties to the past and forgive yourself so you’re free to manifest your dreams.


This audio and workbook will help you set goals and live your life in alignment with what truly matters to you.  


If you’re going to live your dream life you need to know what that looks like, this visualization will help you clarify your vision.


This template will help you map your your goals, projects, deadlines, and most important tasks.


Corral your to-do list and regain control of your time and energy with my time blocking template.

I loved this workshop.

I loved this workshop.

Def take it if you want to feel good about your dreams and know how to make them happen.

I believe I can reach my goals.

For the first time ever I have a plan that I’m excited about and that I believe I can implement and I believe I can reach my goals.

This “There’s always a way if you’re committed, persistent, and willing to think differently!” is my new desktop picture. It’s going to be my note to self every morning when I sit down to work.

This has been an amazing five days-thank you!

I feel more inspired

The vision journaling especially how I feel about it was eye-opening. If you asked me before the workshop I’d have told you my vision was big and bold and what I want. The journaling made me see that I’ve been striving toward a fraction of what I want.

Now, I feel more inspired because you helped me have the courage to claim what I want.

Thank you so much!

look at the past year without feeling like an utter failure

This is the first time that I’ve been able to look at the past year without feeling like an utter failure.

For that alone thank you!

This workshop has been SO helpful.

This workshop has been SO helpful. I’m not a natural planner and I avoid planning because I hate SMART goals.

After the workshop, I have goals that I’m excited about and I know what to do this month to make them happen. Thank you!

(An update: After years of feeling dumb for never achieving all the SMART goals I’d set, I already hit my #1 goal! Thank you!! Thank you for what you said that a plan isn’t fixed and that you need to check in and review and adjust. I’d probably heard that before but the way you said it clicked for me and it made my plan work!)

The Abundance Planning Workshop

The planning system to connect with your vision, build a solid plan, and bring your dreams to life in 5 simple steps.

The Abundance Planning Workshop 5-Part Video Series

5 Planning Workbooks

Bonus! Forgiveness Meditation

Bonus! What Do You Value? audio + workbook

Bonus! Vision Activation Meditation

Bonus! The Time Blocking System Spreadsheet

Bonus! Annual Planner Spreadsheet

Meet Natalie

The Creator of The Abundance Planning System


Natalie Williams is a mindset coach and business consultant empowering women around the world to achieve their dreams and become the woman they were born to be.

More than ten years ago, she was a pre-med student with a nagging sense that something about the path she’d returned to wasn’t right. After months of ignoring the nudges from her true self, which she calls Abundant Natalie, she received a radical wake-up call in the form of a diagnosis with degenerative disc disease.

That diagnosis was a turning point, she left the goal of medical school behind and embarked on a healing journey, for not only her physical body but her mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies as well, and in 2013 launched her business.

In the years since, she’s continued to study, learn, experiment, and grow, her business evolving along with her.

Today, she works with women around the world helping them name and claim their deepest, boldest dreams, and bust through the inner blocks keeping them stuck so they can free themselves to be, do, and have everything they desire.

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