Early on in my coaching career, there was a particularly challenging six week period. A period where I really questioned whether or not I was cut out for the life of a business owner.

During that six week period, I hosted 68 discovery calls.

And I heard NO 68 times in a row.

This was after starting my business with a bang and enrolling 17 clients in less than three months and selling 34 programs.

What happened?

A few things…

Fell into the trap of comparing myself and my business to everyone else.

Started doubting my abilities.

Began listening to every business coach and lost touch with my intuition.

Felt that to be successful I had to do it their way.

And then on the day of the 69th call, actually a mere fifteen minutes before the 69th call, I received an eviction notice.

And at that moment I knew I had three options:

1. Keep doing what I’d been doing trying to make someone else’s script work for me
2. Blow off the call
3. Get my head in the game and trust myself

Thankfully I chose option 3 and that call resulted in a yes to working together.

After that experience, I promised myself that I’d master sales and then teach other coaches how to successfully sell their programs too.

That’s what Simply Successful Sales is about. Teaching you how to sell your programs with authenticity, service, and ease. 


Here’s what’s included


 Video 1: The Mindset of Successful Sales Part One
:: Why your mindset makes or breaks your ability to sell your programs
:: Why you may be unconsciously sabotaging your sales efforts
:: How to raise your belief in yourself and your offer


Video 2: The Mindset of Successful Sales Part Two 
:: How your money beliefs impact your sales results
:: The dangers of buying into your clients’ money stories
:: How to fall in love with selling
:: How to break the pattern of feeling like you’re auditioning during a sales call


Video 3: The Simply Successful Sales Framework Part One
:: Why the Discovery Call is not a Coaching Session
:: What’s happening within your client’s subconscious that has them saying ‘no’ (even when they want to say yes)
:: The first 4 steps of the Simply Successful Sales Framework


Video 4: The Simply Successful Sales Framework Part Two 
:: How to help your client fully commit to their dreams and goals
:: Making the invitation to work together welcoming vs salesy
:: How to share your offers to help them say yes to the support they need


Video 5: How To Confidently Handle Objections 
:: The KEY to handling ANY objection
:: What to do when clients say “I don’t have the money” or “I don’t have time” or “I have to talk to my spouse” or “I need to think about it”
:: Why overcoming objections is actually being of service to your client


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