There’s Always an Opportunity to Practice

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There’s always an opportunity to practice.

Yesterday, during a call with my mastermind partners we got into a discussion about the question “how do you want to feel?”

The question is a good one.

And like all good things it has a shadow side.

This shadow side seems to come from the interpretation that you have to feel good before you do anything. That feelings dictate actions.


If we operate from the idea that we’re meant to only do things based on how we feel then we’ll most likely never do the vast majority of things required to live the life of our dreams.

Right? Think about it. How often do you fall into these types of thinking traps…

You’re tired so you don’t go to the gym.
You don’t feel like writing the email that needs to be written so you don’t.
You don’t want to cook dinner so instead, you order in.

We all do it. But is that way of being serving you? Definitely not.

Now I do agree with the idea that you want to feel good before you take action. Definitely. This is key because the energy you bring to the action impacts the results produced by the action.

So, yes, feel good then take action.

However, the idea that when you “don’t feel like it” you shouldn’t do it, is most often bullshit.

It’s a poor thinking habit.

You aren’t at the mercy of your feelings.

You choose your thoughts.

You choose how you feel.

You’re tired and don’t want to workout, but you made the commitment to yourself to care for your body.

So you tell yourself: “I’m excited to work out and I know once I get started I’ll feel better. Plus, I know that working out gives me energy so I’ll feel energized and ready for the rest of the day.”

Suddenly, you feel good about working out. And you do it. Then you feel good because you worked out.

You chose a new thought pattern.
You created a new feeling.
You took the aligned action.

And following through on that action will produce the result you want giving you even more of the good feeling feelings.

You don’t feel like writing an email. Well, I didn’t feel like sitting down to write this message, I was feeling lazy and uninspired. But that thinking sucked and didn’t feel good.

So, I told myself a new story:

“You can just start even if it’s utter crap that’s okay, you can edit crap but you can’t edit a blank page.

You know that every time you just get started an idea comes through.
Relax and trust that the inspiration is coming now and coming more and more with every character written.

There’s someone who needs to hear the message on your heart today.

You’ll feel better after you write, you always do.”

Can you guess what happened?

Ding. Ding. Ding. I wrote 😉

I grabbed my cuppa tea, sat my ass down on the couch (because desks are optional), opened my doc file, and started writing. The first few lines were utter crap. But then the idea that you always have an opportunity to practice began to flow through me.

And now here you are reading the words that poured forth because I chose to think thoughts and feel feelings that helped me accomplish what I committed to doing. Writing the message on my heart and sharing it.

You can choose how you want to feel to get yourself into action.

By getting into action you will feel good, accomplished, fulfilled, and grateful. You will feel good before you even get the ultimate result.

So, take action…

What’s the 1 thing that if you completed it today, would move you one step closer to achieving your primary goal/intention/aspiration?

Now, what thought will help you complete that action?

Try it. It works.

And always remember, you absolutely can Love Your Life and Live Your Dreams. It all begins within.
xoxo natalie

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I'm Natalie, and I'm pleased to welcome you to my little corner of the internet. I'm a mindset coach and business strategist for women who know they were born for more and are ready to claim it.

Outside of business, I'm a kitty mama, meditation-lovin' vegan, with a daily workout obsession (1,811 days and counting!), who loves the wrtiten word.

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