What dreams are you putting off because you haven’t checked off the perceived prerequisites?

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What dreams are you delaying or denying because you don’t have the perceived prerequisites?

It’s a good question. One worth considering as we move forward into the new year.

It’s something we all do to one degree or another.

The thing is that those prerequisites—the things we think we need to do or have or be before we can have our dream—aren’t necessarily true.

If you’ve been around my world for any length of time then you know I love to read. Every year I read hundreds of books from a vast range of genres—self-help, spirituality, business, psychology, biographies, philosophy, finance, fiction, and everything in between.

You might also know that I believe there’s value in fiction beyond the pure bliss of getting lost in a good story.

Kristan Higgins’ novel Good Luck With That had me laughing then crying and then laughing again as the characters struggled to fulfill a dying friend’s request while learning to love their bodies and themselves. 

I don’t want to give away the storyline because I highly recommend reading it. 

As I read, a question kept popping into my mind. 

What dreams am I putting off because I haven’t checked off the perceived prerequisites?

In the story, the women were waiting to do things they dreamt about until they lost weight. Like Georgia and Marley, we put conditions on ourselves and our ability to be, do, and have what we want.

I’ll do that when I lose weight.

When I have a loving partner then I’l…

If I had a team to support me then I’d…

I’ll do that when I’m making 6-figures a year.

If I was more experienced, I’d…

If I had more time, I’d…

I’ll do that when…

But what happens if when never comes?
What if we find ourselves on our deathbed with a list of things we told ourselves we’d do when?

Wouldn’t that be sad?

None of us are guaranteed tomorrow.

So, why do we put off our dreams because we can’t check off some box on a list of made-up prerequisites?


These conditions are arbitrary, they’re made-up, they’re excuses your ego is using to keep you “safe”.

But, is it really safe to live a life where you never experience your dreams?

What the book reminded me and what I want to remind you is this…your dreams are possible for you and they are available to you now.

If you have the desire for something then it is possible for you and it’s possible for you NOW.

In the words of Raymond Holliwell

“No desire is felt until the supply is ready to appear. No mind can be conscious of a need or desire unless the possibility of its fulfillment exists.”

That dream on your heart, the one you’ve been putting off until you’ve lost the weight, made the money, gotten the partner, whatever…is available now. 

All those conditions aren’t real. 

So, gorgeous, here’s my invitation to you…

Write out your dreams and desires. Get them out of your head and onto the page. 

Then for each dream, ask yourself ‘What have I told myself that I need to be/do/have before I can live this dream?’

Write that shit down.

All the reasons you can’t have it now, all the things you have to do first write them down. Bring awareness to them. 

I bet you’ll immediately see how utterly ridiculous some of the conditions are and you’ll be able to shift them instantly. 

For the others, examine them. Explore their degree of truth.

As you shed light on these conditions, as you shift them, as you choose new thoughts—you open yourself up to receiving what you want. 

Remember, you absolutely can Love Your Life and Live Your Dreams. It all begins within.
xoxo natalie

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