Your Mind Lies To You

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Your mind lies to you.

It makes up bullshit to keep you safe.

And when you’re pursuing your goals, your aspirations, your dreams this can be really fucking frustrating.

The mind wants to keep you safe. And to the mind where you are now is safe.

The circumstances you’re currently experiencing are safe. Your mind knows it can survive them because it’s doing it now.

But as soon as those circumstances start to shift the mind freaks the fuck out.

It tells you lies to keep you from moving forward.

It makes up stories to keep you from changing things any more than you already have. It will tell you to do things to get back to where you were. Because there is safety and comfort in the familiar.

It will even create physiological symptoms to keep you where it thinks you’re safe.

And yes, this happens even when you don’t like and don’t want to be in the circumstances that you’re in.

The bigger the changes you want to make the more the mind wants to pull you back.

It doesn’t know that it will survive the change. So it holds you hostage through the stories it tells.

I remember finding myself caught in this pattern about a year ago. I’d just had a stellar week, everything was on point from my business to my meditation practice to my workouts. It was all feeling amazing.

And then BOOM Monday morning I woke up with my neck out of place, as it’s done on and off since a car accident a few years ago and the start of a killer migraine.

Just like that the epic momentum of the past week was broken.

Frustration set in.
Irritation hit.
And old patterns started trying to creep back in.

It happens—shitty things outside your control happen.
It’s how you respond that makes the difference.

Rather than sit in frustration and irritation, I gave myself a lot of time to rest. I spent hours in yin yoga and practicing yoga nidra. I meditated and journaled and tapped (all practices that I continue to use to shift my energy).

I knew that this experience was an opportunity to lean into this old pattern. To feel all the feelings, to release them, and to step more fully into how I want to feel while reassuring my mind that I will survive changing.

And through that work, the momentum shifted back to the feel-good trajectory of the previous week. My neck popped back into place, the migraine dissolved, and things started feeling good again.

Every experience, every situation is an opportunity to learn, to grow, to see beyond the lies of the mind, to become more of who you want to be.

You don’t have to believe what your mind tells you.

You are not your mind.

You are so much more than your mind.
And when you learn to use your mind you can create amazing things.

Remember, you absolutely can Love Your Life and Live Your Dreams. It all begins within.
xoxo natalie

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I'm Natalie, and I'm pleased to welcome you to my little corner of the internet. I'm a mindset coach and business strategist for women who know they were born for more and are ready to claim it.

Outside of business, I'm a kitty mama, meditation-lovin' vegan, with a daily workout obsession (1,811 days and counting!), who loves the wrtiten word.

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