Self-Study Programs

The mindset playground for women committed to creating the life they dream about.

The Society membership is for the woman who is so fucking over settling for less than the grandest vision of her life and is ready to go hell bent for glory and finally create the life of her fantasies.

Start creating the life of your dreams with 30 days of life-transforming journaling practices

There is tremendous power in journaling. It can change your life if you let it, will you?

When you choose the NOW with intention and gratitude you’re naturally joyful.

4 weeks of life-changing inner work to guide you into a state of gratitude, calm, joy, and presence. And massive results because this moment, the NOW, is where results are achieved.

Give your dreams a jump-start and create a life you love.

The Dream Alignment Bootcamp is a powerful two-week experience to get you aligned with your vision, clarify how you’re going to get there and get your head in the game. It’s time to put an end to self-sabotage and bring your dreams to life.

Want to know the secret to loving your life and living your dreams? It’s your mindset.

A 30-day course to help you develop a consistent mindset practice while deepening your understanding of how your mind works. The result? More joy. More ease. More Abundance. Because you deserve it.

Makeover your mindset for more success & abundance.

When you understand how your mind works and you work with it you achieve more with more ease. You feel better about yourself and you get better results.

You weren’t born to struggle.

Struggling is a pattern, it’s an unconscious choice you’ve been making. The good news is that you can choose differently. You can choose to release the struggle and experience success with ease.

Simplify your business for greater success.

The Five-Figure Fundamentals five part training series shows you the core areas to focus on for consistent five-figure months without any complicated internet marketing. Because simplicity is sexy.

To sell is to be of service. Learn how to sell with love and authenticity.

Early on in my coaching business I had a six week period where I hosted 68 discovery calls and Every. Single. One. ended in a ‘NO’. After that experience I made a commitment to master sales for myself and then to help other women do the same. Simply Successful Sales is my fulfilment of that promise now that I’ve learned how to sell my programs whether they’re $97 or $30,000.

Gain clarity and focus with this strategic planning system.

Get yourself aligned with your dream life, keep yourself accountable and conquer your goals with this 90-day system.

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