This is new.


Unlike anything I’ve ever done before.

Better than anything I’d ever done before because, for the first time, I didn’t rely on my own strength.

I leaned in.


Heard Him.

Trusted and followed.

And He led me to create…

A New Day
A 7-Day Journey. A Walk with Our Lord to Uncover His Desires for Us and Return to Who We Always Were in Him.

7 Days.

7 Powerful Activations.

A Lifetime of Fresh Starts.

What to expect…

– Daily training in audio and written formats

– Scripturally taught

– Verses to meditate on and rest in

– Journaling prompts


What we’ll cover…

– It’s a new day every day and how that shifts…everything

– Resting in God

– Who you are in God

– The purpose He has for you and your life

– His vision for your life

– Releasing the past

– Forgiving and receiving His forgiveness

– Choosing clarity over confusion

– Embracing certainty, trust, and conviction

– Disciplining yourself to do the work

– Walking in Faith

– and more I’m sure!

I’m excited to embark on this journey with you!

Ready to say yes to A New Day, and to your daily fresh start?

A’s to your Q’s…

How do I know if this is right for me?

If you’re feeling drawn to it or called to join, it’s for you.

I recommend you follow your spirit. Trust that if you feel the desire to join the program—it’s for you!


Do I have to be Christian to join A New Day?

You do not have to be Christian to join. If you are NOT a follower of Jesus Christ and you choose to join then you do so with the understanding that I will be speaking about God and sharing scripture from the Bible.


How long do I have access?

If you purchase anything from me, you’ll receive lifetime access, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

If, for any reason, I decide to fully retire the program, you’ll be given ample notice to review and save any content you want to keep. (As of yet, I’ve never done this, but if I ever do, you’ll get a minimum of three months’ notice.)


Can you guarantee specific results?

No. While I deeply believe in the principles and practices that I’ll be sharing inside the program, it’s up to you to take them and apply them to your own life.


What can I expect from A New Day?

Powerful activation audios rooted in Scripture that you can listen to again and again to deepen your understanding and connection to God. Clarity. Insights and fresh perspectives. Journaling prompts and verses to meditate on. And anything else you decide to receive.


I have more questions.

Message me via the chat button in the bottom right corner.

Ready to say yes to A New Day, and to your daily fresh start?

A Note from Natalie…

A New Day poured through me from God.

This is the first program I’ve created by partnering with Him and I am beyond excited to welcome you on this journey.

Each day we wake up is a new day, a fresh start—

if we choose for it to be.

It’s my deepest prayer for you that during our week together, you feel a little closer to God.

And that through that closeness, you experience a little more peace, love, and faith.

If you’re ready.

Welcome to A New Day.