What makes you happy?

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What makes you happy?

So many of us know what makes those around us happy. But we don’t know what makes us happy. It’s a sad state of affairs when we can’t even name ten things that bring us joy and happiness.

When we don’t know what makes us happy we go through our days on autopilot. Flitting from one task to the next without savoring the moments of pure bliss.

And those moments exist.

They present themselves countless times a day if you are open and aware.

Are you open to them?

Are you open to being happy?

It amazes me how there have been people in my life who live as though they are opposed to being happy.

It sounds crazy. Maybe it is. But I also think it’s how a lot of people choose to live.

They choose to see the negative side of everything.

They fail to understand that we live in a world governed by the law of polarity.

There are two sides to EVERY coin. 

You can’t have a down without also having an up. 

You can’t have a left side without a right side. 

For every bottom, there’s also a top.

What you see depends on where you choose to place your focus.

These people who have shown up in my life, who have tended to be negative, who love to complain and gossip have been some of my greatest teachers.

They’ve shown me that for every complaint there is a solution.

They’ve taught me that you can’t have a different future if you continue to talk about the past.

They’ve proven over and over again that it’s your thoughts that create your reality.

If you think thoughts filled with anger, bitterness, and frustration then you’re never going to be happy. You can’t be.

The formula for happiness sure as shootin’ isn’t 2 parts anger + 1 part bitterness + 3 parts frustration.


Are you open to being happy?

Are you willing to see the good side of the coin?

Are you willing to seek out the blessings in the challenges?

Are you willing to let go of the past and the narrative you’ve been telling?

If you’re open to being happy, and I sincerely hope that you are. Then…

What is it that makes you happy?

What are the little things, the moments of bliss throughout the day that make you happy?

For me, it’s moments with my furbabies, the feeling of the sheets on my skin as I crawl into bed at the end of the day. The smoothness of a fountain pen moving over the page. The first sip of tea in the morning. Stepping onto my yoga mat. This moment right now, writing this message to you is a moment of pure bliss.

Those little moments they matter. 
Because our lives are made up of moments. Big moments and little moments and all the moments in between.

If you’re going to be happy then be present to them, be present to the moment.

Let go of the past.

Drop the old narrative. 

Choose to see the good, the beauty, the blessings.

Be fully present, fully here in this moment—this moment is all there ever is.

Remember, you absolutely can Love Your Life and Live Your Dreams. It all begins within.
xoxo natalie

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I'm Natalie, and I'm pleased to welcome you to my little corner of the internet. I'm a mindset coach and business strategist for women who know they were born for more and are ready to claim it.

Outside of business, I'm a kitty mama, meditation-lovin' vegan, with a daily workout obsession (1,811 days and counting!), who loves the wrtiten word.

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